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Do you like traveling to Eastern Europe and already have some practical experience in writing texts? Then this is the right place for you!

We are always looking for new members for our dedicated team. No matter if you like hiking in the Carpathians, exploring abandoned factories in Russia or if you are well versed in the history of former Yugoslavia – we offer you the opportunity to publish your texts with us.

In our blog we deal with all countries that used to be part of the so-called Eastern Bloc. You were born in one of these countries or you live there today? Perfect, then we are looking for you! But even if you “only” got to know a country on longer journeys or if you are interested in single places, you are welcome to join us! Just have a look at our country overview.

Our topics

As far as the choice of topics is concerned, you are very free with us. However, in our blog, in addition to “classic” destination descriptions, we also emphasize the following topics:

  • Soviet history / history of countries under Soviet occupation
  • Communist Architecture
  • Modernism
  • Holocaust and history of the Second World War
  • Jewish sights
  • Culinary Eastern Europe
  • Lost Places and Urban Exploration
  • Hiking and Nature
  • Industrial Culture
  • Culture and Languages of the East

However, if you have a topic that is particularly close to your heart, we are also open to suggestions.

What we can offer

We are the only travel blog that has a focus on Eastern Europe. Therefore, we cooperate with many Eastern Europe enthusiasts. Even though we can’t offer our authors a fee so far, working with us still has many advantages, such as:

  • creative environment of Eastern Europe enthusiasts and many contacts
  • the possibility to publish your own texts
  • the chance to write about topics that would hardly find attention elsewhere
  • the chance to promote your products and services (e.g. books or tours offered by you) with us
  • we take over the promotion of the texts

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time! We are looking forward to your suggestions! Please send a mail to info[at]