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Hello and welcome to Wild East, the Eastern Europe travel blog! We are the first and so far the only blog about travelling in Eastern Europe. So we are specialized in East Central Europe, Eastern Europe and South East Europe. Our authors either live in these regions or travel there frequently. On Wild East we publish Eastern Europe travel reports, travel tips and of course many photos from our trips through Eastern Europe to give you a lasting impression.

Which regions is Wild East about?

It was difficult for us to choose some particular countries, but in the end it was obvious for us, which countries Wild East should be about. We have always been interested in the countries behind the former Iron Curtain – those that were controlled by socialist and communist governments and were under Soviet influence. But we also include the countries of former Yugoslavia and Albania, which were non-aligned. The countries of Central Asia, on the other hand, with the exception of Kazakhstan, will not play a major role for the time being. However, this may change in the future. If you are interested in a specific country, then take a look at our

to. Here you will find a list of all countries for which there are already articles or for which there will be articles in the future.

What topics is Wild East about?

Wild East is not a normal travel blog. We already have a topic that is rarely covered in the mass media and other travel blogs – namely Eastern Europe. And even there, we still choose some niche topics, but we think that they might be interesting for many of you. So we write articles on topics that are close to our hearts. And even though we are primarily a travel blog, we also cover cultural topics. Here is a selection:

  • Soviet history / History of the countries under Soviet occupation
  • Architecture in socialism
  • Holocaust and History of the Second World War
  • Jewish sights
  • Culinary traditions of Eastern Europe
  • Lost places and urban exploration
  • Hiking and nature
  • Industrial culture
  • Eastern culture and languages

As you can see, our topics are wide-ranging. Take a look at the overview page with our topics. It’s also worth following us on social media, as we will be adding new posts, countries and topics in the future.

Special focus on eastern Germany

We are also particularly keen to include East Germany. because we write a lot about architecture and the history of communism here. The federal states of the former GDR still have a lot to offer today. Co-author Peter Althaus comes from Saxony-Anhalt and finds that many “West Germans” in particular still know very little about the “new federal states” – and that more than 30 years after reunification! Unfortunately, the East has been in the headlines recently. That’s a shame, because everyone should visit the beautiful regions between Rügen and the Vogtland. That’s why you’ll find a whole series of articles on East Germany here – also in English, by the way. Because right now it is important that people visit the East and talk to East Germans. So get some inspiration for your next trip!

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