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About the blog

We are the only German-speaking and one of the few international travel blogs that specializes exclusively in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet space. Our writers either live in this region or travel there frequently. We publish Eastern Europe travel reviews and tips on Wild East. All articles are created by our professional writers through their own research. The photos are also mostly taken by ourselves.

Who is behind the blog?

The core of the Eastern Europe travel blog Wild East consists of Peter Althaus and Markus Bingel, two German journalists with long experience in travel blogs ( and writing travel guides (numerous books published by German Reise Know-How Verlag and dom Publishers). The two work together with external authors who also have a lot of writing experience and have already published books about Eastern Europe.

Our name

The name Wild East was not chosen at random, but is meant to play with prejudices that many from the West still have about Eastern Europe and Eastern Central Europe. For many people, the East has remained “wild” to this day. We, on the other hand, want to wake people’s curiosity and show that the East can also be very modern, that people are hospitable, the food tastes good and the region is just as easy to travel as Italy or Spain.

The countries of Wild East

It was difficult for us to make a precise selection, but in the end it was clear to us which countries Wild East should be about. We have always been interested in the countries behind the former Iron Curtain – those that were ruled by socialist governments until the collapse of the Soviet Union. In addition to the former Eastern bloc countries, we also include the countries of former Yugoslavia and Albania, which were non-aligned. In exchange, we omit the countries that were part of the Soviet Union, but lie beyond the geographical borders of Europe. The only exception is Russia, where we do not want to exclude the Asian part. However, it is quite possible that we will add other (former) communist countries in the future. All the countries we cover you can find in our Countries Overview Page.

Our schedule

We work according to a precise schedule and focus on one country each month. On the respective country page we publish almost daily articles on different topics. Little by little, our list of countries is completed. Even for the countries we have already covered, additional articles are published on an ongoing basis. This means that we are also interested in cooperating with companies and organizations in countries that have already had a theme month.

Key topics

Wild East is no ordinary travel blog. This is already given by the geographical focus of our blog on Eastern Europe. Even there, however, we still pick out additional niche topics that we think might be of interest to a larger number of readers. Particularly close to our hearts are:

We cover all these topics in the general articles in one form or another or write special topic articles on them.

Our target group

We are aimed at readers from the Western world with a passion for travelling. Our articles appear bilingually in German and English. We use targeted online and social media marketing to find readers who are already fans of some countries, but also recruit new people interested in the countries we cover via special interest topics. We also feature many unknown places, which is why we are interesting for both experienced fans and first-timers.

Development forecast for 2021

As we have already exceeded our self-imposed goals for the initial phase of our blog, we also anticipate healthy growth in visitor numbers and social media followers from 2021. We also anticipate 10,000 monthly visitors by July 2021 due to a possible resurgence in tourism. Our professional SEO-optimized writing continues to increase our rankings in search engines.

Cooperation possibilities

We think that there are many interesting regions and products and also find it exciting to work with DMOs, companies and other organizations. If a product convinces us, we are happy to collaborate. Currently, we mainly offer collaborations in the following areas:

Sponsored articles

You would like to promote your region, your city, your company or your product to our audience? We offer you the opportunity to publish your article on our blog and attract our readers to your product! The necessary content may either be contributed by you or you can hire us to create it.

Sponsored month

We offer you the opportunity to advertise your region, your place, your company or your product specifically for one month. You will not only receive space for the editorial presentation of your product, but this product will also be linked in every new post and advertised via a banner or info box. This will give you maximum exposure for your product. We also draw attention to your product via our social media channels.

Brand ambassador

We think that there are many interesting products that can be useful to our clientele when planning a trip and traveling. We are happy to advertise such products and also are open to operate as a brand ambassador. If you are interested in this form of advertising, we can advise you.

Content creation by our team

Our job is to create and promote professional content. Of course, this knowledge and expertise is for sale. So if you need content for your website or social media channels, feel free to hire us to create it.

Support of individual fam trips

To present a country properly, we travel extensively through the respective countries. In order to get a comprehensive insight, we naturally have to invest a lot of money. Therefore, if we receive support, we can not only provide a more comprehensive picture, but also present regions and places in a better way. We would therefore be pleased if you could support us financially or otherwise in our research.

Cooperations we are not interested in

There are some forms of cooperation in which we have no interest. These include:

  • Link placement
  • coverage of uninteresting products

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