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In this article, the renowned philologist Krzysztof Kłosowicz from Uniwersytet Śląski in Katowice introduces you to Arnold Zweig, his life and work.
Romania is a multicultural country. The diversity is evident not only by looking at his inhabitants, but also in the country’s architecture and mix of languages.
Today we take you on a culinary journey to Silesia and introduce you to the most delicious dishes that the Silesian cuisine has to offer.
Today we take you on a trip to the Bohemian Spa Triangle, where we look at the most beautiful Františkovy Lázně sights.
Looking for an unexpected summer vacation at the sea? This article highlights top 7 places to visit on Romania’s Black sea coast and a few hidden gems.
Today we take you once again to Silesia and present you the most beautiful Katowice sights in this article.

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