Eastern Europe packing list – these things will make your trip easier

Traveling in Eastern Europe can be arduous. In our Eastern Europe packing list, we have put together everything you need to make traveling in Eastern Europe easier.

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Eastern Europe has many countries to offer, where warm people live and which are worth exploring. But traveling in Eastern Europe is not always as convenient as in the countries of Western Europe. There are a few things to bear in mind, especially when traveling individually through Eastern Europe. There are also many modern amenities that make traveling in Eastern Europe easier and help to increase comfort. In this Eastern Europe packing list, we recommend products that we ourselves find good for traveling.
For each item we only make one recommendation, which we consider to be the best and in some cases a cheaper alternative.

Luggage for cheap flights to Eastern Europe

For a perfect trip, the right luggage belongs on the Eastern Europe packing list. There is suitable luggage for every type of travel. What counts most for us is comfort and traveling in as little space as possible. Over the years, we have perfected traveling as far as possible with as little luggage as possible on many trips. The strict hand luggage regulations are no problem for us, because we have the right luggage for every trip. Here are our recommendations for the perfect luggage for every situation.

Suitable for air travel – small hand luggage for low-cost airlines (without priority)

If you are only traveling by plane for a few days, for example for a weekend trip to another city in Europe, you really don’t need much. For the most important things, I therefore recommend a small backpack that easily complies with the small hand luggage dimensions (without priority booking) at Wizzair (40x30x20cm) and Ryanair (40x25x20cm).

  • Cabin Max Metz – available in many colors and shapes. Does what it should. Costs only around 35 euros. Order here at Amazon*
  • blnbag – keeps dimensions to the centimeter. It is not particularly attractive and feels rather cheap. Nevertheless, it can be used as a backpack or shoulder bag. Order here at Amazon*
  • Inateck backpack for hand luggage – much better workmanship, small, handy and even slightly expandable, this hand luggage backpack is the right choice in the medium price segment. Order here at Amazon*

For city breaks and cross-country trips – large hand luggage for low-cost airlines (with Priority)

Large hand luggage backpack that can be taken anywhere in the cabin as large hand luggage:

  • Osprey Farpoint 40 (men) / Fairview 40 (women) – Order here or here at Amazon*

Our recommendation as a hard-shell suitcase that can travel as large hand luggage with airlines. Good quality at a reasonable price:

eastern europe packing list
Image by Th G on Pixabay

For individual travelers – Travel backpack

You should choose your rucksack depending on how long you will be out and about. A volume of 60 liters is ideal for long backpacking trips in Eastern Europe. Excessively large backpacks hinder you when traveling. The smaller the better.

  • My Eastern Europe backpacking rucksack – Deuter Aircontact 50+10Order here at Amazon*
  • Cheaper alternative – Mountaintop trekking rucksack 55lOrder here at Amazon*
  • Daypack for packing tours – 4MonsterOrder here at Amazon*– Can easily be put into the large backpack without contents and taken along for day tours.

Basic equipment for the backpack

  • Lightweight sleeping bag – Deuter Exosphere 0°Buy here at Amazon*
  • Compression bags for lighter packing – Eagle Creek Vacuum Bag Pack-It SetOrder here at Amazon*
  • Mosquito net for the face – Tatonka mosquito protectionOrder here at Amazon*– There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a swarm of mosquitoes and having nothing for your face! Especially when hiking, mosquito repellent should always be on the Eastern Europe packing list.
  • Inflatable neck pillowOrder here at Amazon*– Good for train, bus or flight
  • Earplugs – Simply indispensable for sleeping in hostels, tents etc. – Order here at Amazon*
  • Handkerchiefs – also work as toilet paper in an emergency

Eastern Europe packing list – camping equipment

When I go on a camping trip, I always have the right camping equipment with me. This should ensure that I can always manage on my own in an emergency. But I have basic equipment for camping and long trips. These are the products I use:

There are a few other things you should be aware of specifically when camping that could really help with comfort on your camping trip. So be sure to check our camping packing list!

Finances and documents

Documents are probably the most frequently forgotten, because they are often small and tend to be left lying around. But your entire trip may even depend on some documents

  • Passport – Almost always compulsory outside the EU. Should be valid until departure.
  • Travel credit card – Find out more in this article on free travel credit cards.
  • Replacement credit card or at least EC card with Maestro symbol (no V-Pay)
  • Emergency numbers of the bank and credit card company
  • Health insurance card – for treatment within the EU and in participating countries abroad
  • Confirmation of existing travel health insurance – Outside the EU, extra insurance is usually compulsory.
  • Cash reserve for emergencies – I recommend at least 100 euros
  • Driving license (in some countries also the international driving license)
  • Flight ticket
  • Hotel or hostel confirmation
  • Reserve passport photos – for visas or passports
  • International Student Card

Clothes for the journey – a few tips

For longer trips, I generally base my decision on how long I’m traveling for and how long I won’t have the opportunity to wash in the places I’m visiting. You can easily do your laundry in hostels or Airbnb accommodation. Of course, it doesn’t make sense for city trips, but planning is important for longer trips. We are not going to give you any recommendations on what to wear. Instead, here are a few recommendations for items of clothing that can be practical for traveling.

Hygiene and health when traveling

In Eastern Europe, there are usually quite decent medical care centers in the big cities. You will rarely fail to find something, especially as private clinics are usually very well equipped. But to stay healthy, we recommend having a few things with you, especially if you’re out and about for a long time.

  • Medication that you take regularly – I also recommend a first-aid kit:
    • Ibuprofen 400mg
    • Immodium acute
    • Electrolyte solutions in small sachets – for diarrhea and vomiting
    • Tablets against travel sickness
  • Vaccination card – It is advisable to always have at least an electronic copy with you
  • Transparent toiletry bag with travel bottles – Order here at Amazon*
  • Quick-drying towel – Order here from Amazon*
  • Shaver
  • Travel detergent like Rei from the tube
  • Mosquito spray – I recommend Anti-Brumm Forte – Order here at Amazon*– Must be strong enough.
  • Merula Cup – the environmentally friendly replacement for tampons – Order here at Amazon*

For contact lens and spectacle wearers

  • Contact lenses travel set
  • Replacement glasses
  • Sunglasses with prescription


For many, technology is almost more important than anything else. Traveling with a lot of technology doesn’t have to be necessary. You should only take what you really need with you.

  • Smartphone with camera – Our recommendation iPhone 15 ProOrder here at Amazon*– Best compromise between price, technology and camera
  • Macbook Air – Order here at Amazon*– For me, there is no better notebook.
  • Camera for those who love photos – Our current recommendation: Nikon ZfOrder here at Amazon*
  • Cheap alternative – Nikon Z 30Order here at Amazon*
  • Action cam – GoPro Hero 12Order here at Amazon*– It’s simply still the best action cam with lots of accessories – Order accessories for the GoPro here at Amazon*
  • Travel tripod for the camera – GorillaPod from JobyOrder here at Amazon*– for smoother, better pictures
  • Kindle e-book reader – Kindle Paperwhite with backlight – Order here at Amazon*– great for reading on long cross-country journeys and flights
  • Multiple socket outlet for travel – Cube socket outletOrder here at Amazon*

* – this link is an affiliate link. If you buy or order something here, we will receive a small commission. It won’t cost you a cent extra and we can continue to write new articles for you. Thank you for your support!

Peter Althaus is a journalist, author and blogger. In 2011, he founded the travel blog Rooksack. But his real love has always been Eastern Europe. He now lives in Lviv, Ukraine, where he runs a tour operator. But since he still loves to write, today there is Wild East – the Eastern Europe travel blog.

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