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Here we present you the most important sights of Greater Poland. Come with us on a trip to Wielkopolska with its historical cities.

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Choosing sights in Greater Poland is not so easy. Not far from the German border beats the heart of Poland. The first Polish capital was located here and the Polish state developed from the Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) region. That is why there are a lot of historical sights and beautiful cities. But I also like the nature of the region, the lakes and forests of Greater Poland are all worth a visit. In the following article I would like to introduce you to the most important sights in Greater Poland.

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The marketplace in Poznań is one of the most beautiful in Europe


The capital of Greater Poland is one of the most dynamic in Poland. Tens of thousands of students, start-ups and a creative scene ensure a young, hip flair. Poznań also offers a wealth of historical sights. The Market Square, the Imperial Residence Palace and the Cathedral Island – there is a lot to discover. But Poznań is also a green city. At Lake Malta, in the former citadel and in the many parks of the city you can relax wonderfully. And should it rain, you can visit one of the city’s countless exciting museums. So Poznań is not only one of the most important sights of Wielkopolska, but probably the most important one. We have compiled the ten most important sights of Poznań in a separate article.

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Gniezno Cathedral

Gniezno fights with Poznań about who was the first capital of Poland. There is no doubt, however, that the more important church is in Gniezno. The Gniezno Cathedral is one of the top sights in Wielkopolska. It was built in the 14th century and contains a shrine with the bones of St. Wojciech, an important missionary. The Gniezno door is also famous. On it, 18 panels from the 12th century tell about the life of the saint. But there is much more to discover in the city: a beautiful market place, a museum that informs about the history of the beginnings of Poland and a wonderful lake await you here.

Ostrów Lednicki

Surrounded by the picturesque Lednica Lake, there is a small island that was inhabited already in the Stone Age. Archaeologists were amazed when they found here a whole settlement, which included a palace, a church, walls and residential buildings. Should this be the place where the legendary Prince Mieszko was baptized and thus the Christianization of Poland began? Maybe this will never be clear, but a visit to the island with its excavation site and museum is definitely worthwhile.

Wielkopolska Nationalpark

There is a lake district not only in the Masuria, but also in Wielkopolska. The national park south of Poznań, which was established here, is quite small with an area of 75 km², but countless animals live here and the gentle landscape consisting of lakes and forests is incredibly relaxing and perfect for hiking or cycling tours. Especially because the region is otherwise rather characterized by cities, the Wielkopolski National Park is one of the most beautiful sights of Greater Poland.

greater poland

Kórnik Castle

In the small town of Kórnik east of Poznań stands one of the most beautiful castles in western Poland. Designed by the Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, it not only has wonderful interiors, it is also supposed to be a haunted place! According to the legend, a white lady is said to descend from her painting every midnight and walk with her lovers through the neighboring forest park. It is a pity that the castle closes a few hours earlier … Kórnik is also known as the home of the Nobel laureate in literature Wisława Szymborska, who died in 2012.

Picture by BogdanJab on Pixabay

Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń

If you ask Poles which city has the most beautiful church in the country, many have to think long and hard. If you ask for the craziest church, the answer can only be Licheń. Around a 200 year old picture of the Virgin Mary, a gigantic “Vatican in miniature”, one of the largest churches in Europe, was built in the 90s and 2000s. For this reason alone, the modern church is one of the most exciting sights in Wielkopolska.

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Raczyński palace in Rogalin

The Raczyński clan was one of the most important noble families in Poland. Their ancestral seat was located south of Poznań. In the wonderful castle numerous paintings can be admired, the extensive castle park with its family mausoleum in the style of a Greek temple also invites to long walks. There are also three legendary oak trees where the brothers Lech, Cech and Rus are said to have met before they parted ways. According to the legend, Lech founded Poland here, Rus moved to the east and founded the Kiev Rus and Cech moved to the south, where he created the Czech Republic. You simply have to feel comfortable here!


The small Piła, former German Schneidemühl, for a long time used to be only an insignificant, sleepy provincial town. But when Poznań and Bydgoszcz no longer belonged to Germany after the First World War, the city was expanded into an important administrative city in the 1920s. This resulted in the construction of numerous buildings typical of the architectural style of the Weimar Republic, reflecting the spirit of the time. Numerous representative buildings were erected around Danziger Platz, which survived the Second World War. So for architecture fans, Piła is a real insider tip!

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