Holger Kretzschmar

Holger Kretzschmar

Holger Kretzschmar has been interested in Eastern Europe since his youth: language skills in Russian, English, Polish, Czech and Latvian help with local communication. He often traveled to Poland, the Baltic States, the Balkans, Romania or Russia, especially in the 1990s. After his studies in book trade / publishing, he wrote for Trescher Verlag from 1997 on Königsberg/Kaliningrad. After working in the book trade, he is now responsible for sales and communication at the German publishing house Trescher Verlag. He particularly likes the Leipzig Book Fair, travel fairs, museums, art, literature as well as music from classical to rock and Muğam to jazz. He finds Azerbaijan an exotic destination with a multi-layered history, warm hospitality – and a lot of potential for tourism. Holger Kretzschmar lives in Cottbus (Germany).

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