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10,35 Mio.


86.000 km²

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Muslim, Jewish, Russian Orthodox

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May 28 (Republic Day)

In our travel blog we have already presented many countries. But Azerbaijan might be the most exotic of them so far. The land of fire can look back on a rich historical past. With its medieval bazaars, caravanserais, mausoleums, palaces and mosques, it still looks a bit like a fairy tale from 1001 nights. But you can also experience the modern contrast here. The metropolis of Baku was the richest city in the world around 1900 because of the oil found here! From this time numerous splendid mansions are preserved, to which modern glass towers have joined in the last years.

Nature has blessed Baku however not only with crude oil, but also with unique mud volcanoes, untouched hiking areas at the easternmost tip of the Caucasus and sandy beaches at the Caspian Sea. There is also a lot to discover in Azerbaijan from a cultural point of view. The country is especially famous for its carpets, which are unmatched in their splendor. But Azerbaijan is also known for other handicrafts such as pottery, silk scarves and jewelry. And you can experience the legendary hospitality of the Azerbaijanis not only during the New Year festival Novruz. Come with us on a trip to the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan!

The most important tips for your trip

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The best travel destinations of Azerbaijan



The capital Baku is the country’s largest city. Almost every fifth Azerbaijani lives here. Sparkling skyscrapers, oil boom mansions and a medieval old town make Baku the most attractive destination for architecture fans in the region. On the Abşeron Peninsula, where Baku is located, the industrial heart of the country beats in Sumqayıt. But here you will also find mysterious fire temples, ancient mosques, and secluded beaches.


Around Baku and Abşeron Peninsula

The area west of the capital is relatively mountainous and best known for the fascinating Qobustan National Park. Stone Age rock carvings have been discovered here. There are over 6000 of them, which is why UNESCO has declared the area a World Heritage Site. Amidst the many mud volcanoes, you feel like you are on another planet.


The North

The north of Azerbaijan is characterized by the eastern foothills of the Caucasus and is a true hiker’s paradise. In Şəki, the most important city in the region, you can visit the famous UNESCO-protected Khans Palace here on the Georgian border or feel the magic of 1001 Nights in one of the caravanserais.


The West

Many associate the west of the country with the conflict with Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. North of this disputed territory, however, is an idyllic region characterized by viticulture and silkworm breeding, centered on Gəncə, the country’s second-largest city and home to the poet Nizami, with its mosques steeped in history.

The South

The region in the south of Azerbaijan on the Iranian border is home to many different ethnic groups, which provide a unique cultural mix. Here are several national parks worth seeing, lagoons with flamingos and steppe landscapes.



The exclave Naxçıvan is separated from the rest of the country by Armenia and is administered autonomously. According to the Bible, Noah landed here with his ark. Important mosques, hammams and mausoleums of Muslim rulers, which testify to the region’s rich past, make the picturesque semi-desert oasis an insider’s tip.

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