Baltic Sea Germany – Top 10 of the best beaches

The coast of the Baltic Sea Germany is over 2000 km long, three quarters of which are in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Here we present the most beautiful Baltic Sea beaches and resorts.

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The German Baltic Sea coast is over 2000 kilometers long, with about three quarters in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and about a quarter in Schleswig-Holstein. Since we do not deal with destinations in the old federal states in our blog Wild East, we give here only a selection of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Baltic Sea Germany – These are the TOP 10 beaches

The choice was not easy for us, there are just so many beautiful seaside resorts and beaches in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. So the choice of the top 10 was very tough. Here is our selection of the most beautiful Baltic Sea resorts, sorted geographically from west to east.


The western prelude to our list is the seaside resort of Boltenhagen. It is only about 20 kilometers from here to the former inner German border. The small town not only has a beautiful natural beach with all the comforts, but also offers a great view of the steep coast at the end of the town, which is even more beautiful from the town’s famous pier. Guests have appreciated these amenities for almost 200 years, making Boltenhagen one of the oldest seaside resorts on the Baltic coast. And those who have had enough of the hustle and bustle on the beach can also relax perfectly in the cozy town center with its nice park.

baltic sea germany
Rest and relaxation on the tranquil island of Poel

Timmendorf on the island of Poel

Timmendorfer Strand is not located on an island, many will now think. But we are not talking about the overcrowded and often overpriced place in Schleswig-Holstein, but about the tranquil village on the Baltic Sea island of Poel. From the old Hanseatic city of Wismar, which we introduce to you in another article, it is only about 10 kilometers as the crow flies to the tranquil island, which apart from its relatively remote and therefore quiet beach even in high season has many other beauties to offer and is therefore perfect for a relaxing family vacation.

baltic sea germany
Rerik has a dream beach and is also ideal as a starting point for hiking tours


If you continue to follow the coastline from the only land bridge connecting Poel with the mainland, you will reach Rerik, one of the most popular Baltic seaside resorts. Picturesquely situated at the northeastern end of the Salzhaff, you can relax here on the long sandy beach, enjoy the view from a lookout tower, eat in one of the numerous restaurants or take a boat trip into the lagoon. To the west of Rerik is the peninsula of Wustrow. Since this peninsula was used for military purposes until the 90s, parts of it are under nature protection. That is why almost 90 species of birds have settled here. So nature lovers also get their money’s worth in Rerik.

baltic sea germany
Urban flair and beach fun – A vacation in Kühlungsborn


Kühlungsborn with its kilometer-long beach is also a popular Baltic seaside resort. Here, beautiful nature meets magnificent buildings from the Wilhelminian period and the beaches offer enough space for everyone. You can stroll along the long beach promenade for hours without getting bored. A Ferris wheel and many other attractions provide a change from sunbathing and swimming. Around Kühlungsborn there are numerous woods where you can walk or ride a bike. In addition, the historic train “Molli” starts here and takes you via Heiligendamm to Bad Doberan, which is great fun, especially for children!

baltic sea germany
Early in the morning it is still very quiet in chic Heiligendamm


Officially, Heiligendamm has only 300 inhabitants, but half the world has known the small town since 2007, when the G8 summit of the world’s seven most economically powerful countries and Russia was held here. The state-approved health resort is famous above all for its pier and the snow-white buildings that have been erected here over the years. In 1793 Heiligendamm was the first place in Germany to be declared a seaside resort. Since then, countless important people have relaxed here. By the way, currently some of the magnificent white villas are being restored, giving the place back its old splendor.

baltic sea germany
The sunrise in Nienhagen is one of the most beautiful impressions of our trip


Nienhagen is definitely one of our absolute favorites on this list. On the one hand, this is due to the uniquely beautiful interplay of the sandy beach and the forest called the Ghost Forest on the adjacent steep coast. On the other hand, Nienhagen is nowhere nearly as crowded as other seaside resorts and not as dressed up and expensive. And if this is too tranquil for you, you can make an excursion from here to Warnemünde and Rostock. Both cities are easily reached by bike on the Baltic Sea Cycle Path. Nienhagen is definitely one of the top 10 Baltic Sea resorts.

Rostock Warnemünde
There is always a place to be found on the wide beach of Warnemünde


Relaxation and swimming possibilities are offered by all the places we present in this article. What makes Warnemünde so unique are the many architectural treasures, which we have presented to you in a separate article. Whether socialist architecture, spa houses from the imperial era or colorful fishermen’s cottages, here you will find simply everything. The beach is also very wide and offers enough space for everyone, and the local infrastructure is excellent. Another plus point is the proximity to Rostock. You can reach the center of the historic Hanseatic city in about 20 minutes by suburban train.

West beach on Darß

Fischland-Darß-Zingst calls itself the most beautiful peninsula on the Baltic Sea. And it is hard to find an argument against this slogan! Approximately in the middle of the triangular peninsula there is a beach that has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe several times. Directly adjacent to the secluded sandy beach is a forest that promises cooling shade after a swim in the Baltic Sea. The trees are not standing straight on the beach, but are so-called wind fugitives, i.e. due to the coastal wind they appear as if there were a storm and seem to want to save themselves from the wind in the direction of the interior of the island – in combination with the natural beach definetely a unique sight.

baltic sea germany
If it is crowded in Binz like here on the picture, you can simply look for a secluded piece of beach on Rügen

Binz on the island of Rügen

Rügen, Germany’s largest island, has a multitude of beautiful Baltic seaside resorts on its east coast, so the choice is not easy. But none of them comes close to Binz, the most fashionable Baltic resort on the island. The combination of magnificent seaside resort architecture and fine sandy beaches has already inspired numerous writers and musicians. I myself have been here on vacation three times, that’s how much I like the island of Rügen and Binz in particular. Of course, others also appreciate the magic of Binz. If it should be too crowded, you will find many other places to relax around the island. In a separate article we have presented the most beautiful places on Rügen for you.

Ahlbeck on the island of Usedom

Germany’s easternmost island is also a popular vacation destination. The state-recognized seaside resort of Ahlbeck on Usedom, on the border with Poland, is also distinguished by its splendid seaside resort architecture dating from around 1900 and, in addition to a fine sandy beach, also has a long pier on which you can walk right into the sea, so to speak. The other two imperial resorts of Heringsdorf and Bansin, which together with Ahlbeck are part of the municipality of Heringsdorf, are also worth a visit.

What are the most beautiful Baltic Sea resorts for you? Let us know and write us a comment about the Baltic Sea Germany!

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