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Infos about Georgia


3,72 Mio.


69.000 km²

Form of government






Official languages

Georgian, regionally also Abkhazian


Georgian Orthodox, Muslim

Country phone code


National Day

May 26 (Independence Day 1918)

Georgia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. A unique mountain landscape, coupled with dream beaches and historical sights in abundance make the small Caucasus country an ideal destination.

One of the highlights of a Georgia vacation is a hike along the Georgian Army Road, which begins in Vladikavkaz in Russia and leads to Tbilisi. It has already inspired many famous literary figures such as Pushkin and Dumas and leads along ancient fortresses, idyllic mountain villages and healing springs.

But also culturally the country has a lot to offer, after all, some of the man-made sights are up to 2500 years old. And this culture can be felt throughout the country, everywhere teeming with traces of the past. You should not miss a visit to the capital Tbilisi with its historic old town and the many modern buildings that were built after the fall of communism.

You rather want to go to the sea? The seaside resorts on the Black Sea coast present themselves chic and modern. Especially around Batumi, you are guaranteed to enjoy a relaxed vacation.

But Georgia also includes the healing mineral water, its excellent wine and Georgian cuisine. It is still relatively unknown to us, but in all of Eastern Europe it is rightly considered the best regional cuisine of the former Soviet Union.

Reasons enough to pay Georgia a visit. On the following pages you will learn everything about the country and its people. On wildeast.blog we will introduce you to the most beautiful regions and cities, take you on hikes through the Caucasus and give you practical tips for your journey.

The most important tips for your trip

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The best travel destinations of Georgia


Tbilisi and the East

Almost every fourth Georgian lives in the megacity of Tbilisi on the Kura River. Many relics from the Soviet era have been preserved here. But the city has really boomed in recent years. And so today it also has pretty parks, modern public buildings and even a cable car. The old town is even soon to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Already on this list is Mtskheta close to the capital. The city is worth seeing primarily because of its old churches. But it is also home to perhaps the most beautiful police station in the world. But otherwise, there is much to see in the region. The provinces of Kartli and Kakheti form the historic Georgian heartland and are considered the best wine-growing region in the country.


The Caucasus region

The best hiking conditions can be found in the northwest in the region of Svanetia. The picturesque landscape with its waterfalls, canyons and rich biodiversity is only occasionally interrupted by remote villages where time seems to have stood still. The neighboring Rioni is also worth a trip and exudes the charm of a dreamy mountain village. And Mestia, the historical capital of the region, is distinguished by its historic fortified towers. Here you suddenly feel like in San Gimignano in Tuscany!


The Black Sea Coast

The entire Black Sea coast is a paradise! The most important place on the Black Sea coast is Batumi with its natural harbor. Here, the Turks have also left many traces, which further emphasizes the cosmopolitan image of the seaside resort and is also reflected in the local coffee house culture. But other places also offer the best bathing pleasure and culture, including Poti, known from the Argonaut saga.


South Georgia

Unlike most other parts of the country, the south is relatively flat and partly steppe-like. Here you can experience how old and new collide. This happens particularly impressively in Rustavi, the fourth largest city in the country. Here you can find Soviet buildings and industrial ruins as well as historical structures. Especially for fans of Lost Places a paradise! Another highlight of the region is Vardsia, the cave town in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. And even though the south of Georgia is much less touristy than the rest of the country, it is definitely worth a visit!

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