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9,76 Mio.


93.000 km²

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Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Protestant

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National Day

March 15 (Commemoration of the March Revolution of 1848), October 23 (Anniversary of the 1956 popular uprising)

Hungary used to be considered the “funniest barrack in the socialist camp”. The so-called goulash communism allowed its inhabitants some freedoms that did not exist in this way in other countries. And the freedom-loving country does indeed have a noticeably different character than its neighboring countries. It is a very special joie de vivre that characterizes the country.

But it is not only the attitude to life and the warmth of the people that make Hungary such an interesting destination. The capital Budapest, an important center of power for centuries, is one of the most beautiful capitals on the continent. The two parts Buda and Pest are visited year after year by millions of tourists.

Most of all, the magnificent buildings from the imperial period characterize the Hungarian capital. When Budapest, after Vienna the most important city of Austria-Hungary, was still part of the dual monarchy, magnificent buildings were also built in other cities such as Szeged, Debrecen and Pécs. Many of them survived the turmoil of the 20th century and today present themselves freshly restored in all their glory.

But even if you are interested in nature, you will not be disappointed by Hungary. Lake Balaton, the largest inland lake in Europe, lures you with water sports and swimming spots. And also for hiking the country is ideal, especially in the west and north of the country.

Reasons enough to go to Hungary! On the following page we present the country in all its facets in more detail and give you practical tips for your visit!

The most important tips for your trip

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The best travel destinations of Hungary



The Hungarian capital is one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe. Medieval Buda high above the Danube would be worth a visit in itself, but add to that the lively Pest. Not only is it home to the world’s most beautiful parliament, but there are also many of the so called ruin clubs in old tenement buildings, numerous museums and great stores. And if you’re looking for relaxation, here you can unwind in thermal baths as beautiful as the most magnificent palaces in the country.


The Great Plains

The Great Hungarian Plain makes up the entire southern and eastern part of the country. The steppe zone is flowed through by the Tisza and the Danube and is characterized by agriculture. The two cities of Szeged and Debrecen are also located in this idyllic landscape. Both culturally important centers are characterized by their magnificent buildings from the time of the dual monarchy and are popular city trip destinations.


Transdanubia and Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is the largest inland lake in Europe. Long adhered to him a bad reputation, Balaton equated many with cheap drinking tourism. This has changed and gentle and sustainable tourism have entered. The surrounding area and the Transdanubian region as a whole are mainly characterized by wine growing and are an ideal destination for nature lovers. And those who want a change from nature will find variety in multicultural Pécs. The city at the foot of the Mecsek Mountains was even European Capital of Culture in 2010!


Northern Hungary

The three counties Nógrád, Heves and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén form the north of the country. The mountainous landscape of the Mátra Mountains offers ideal conditions for hikers and is especially suitable for beginners. Here you will also find a mysterious cave and karst landscape in the Aggtelek National Park, which you should not miss! The fashionable Miskolc, the fourth largest city in the country, offers the ideal base for exploring the region.

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