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Infos about Moldova


3,55 Mio.


33.000 km²

Form of government






Official languages

Romanian, regionally also Gagauz, Russian and Ukrainian


Moldavian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Bessarabian Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox

Country phone code


National Day

August 27 (anniversary of the independence from the Soviet Union in 1991)

The Republic of Moldova, also known as Moldavia, is one of the least touristically developed countries in Europe. The problems in the Republic of Moldova are big. Lack of money characterizes the country, whose inhabitants are considered the poorest in Europe. In addition, there is the frozen conflict with Transnistria, the eastern part of the country on the other side of the Dniester River, which has declared itself independent.

Moldova is nevertheless an interesting destination. Although you have to pay a lot more attention here than in other countries, but the effort is worth it. The culture of the country is namely Romanian as well as Russian and Ukrainian. This is due to the fact that the former Bessarabia was part of the Soviet Union for a long time and, in a way, its most southwestern outpost. Even before that, the Ottomans left their mark here. So it’s no wonder that the small country is rich in sights.

As a tourist, you’ll often be noticed here like and thus always enjoy exciting conversations with the hospitable Moldovans. Get ready for a vacation beyond mass tourism and immerse yourself in Moldovan culture, which is closely connected with the one in the Moldova region of the same name in Romania.

The Republic of Moldova is also known for its wines. Due to the favorable climatic conditions, these were popular throughout the Soviet Union decades ago. Especially white wines are grown here.

Have we awakened your desire for the Republic of Moldova? Great, because on the following pages you will get all the important information about the most beautiful regions and sights and get many practical tips from us!

The most important tips for your trip

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The best travel destinations of Moldova



Chișinău, the capital of Moldova, is located in the heart of the country and is by far the largest and most important city in the country. The city is characterized by an exciting mix of old Orthodox churches and Soviet-era buildings. Monumental residential complexes from the 1970s dominate the scenery and are particularly interesting for architecture fans.


Northern Moldova

The region is characterized by the Bălți steppe, which is characterized by its fertile soils. Of course, there is also delicious wine here. Above all, however, the region is multicultural, Russian and Romanian you hear here almost equally often. Bălți, the most important regional center, is something like Chișinău in miniature. Here, too, you will find a colorful mix of old churches and modern prefabricated buildings.


Southern Moldova

The most famous tourist destination in this part of the country, located directly on the border with Transnistria, is Orheiul Vechi. This is an archaeological site that includes several villages and is home to numerous attractions. The Cahul region is also known for its wine, which is one of the best in the country. The eponymous capital of the region is quite small, but a popular health resort.



You want to travel to the Soviet Union, although it does no longer exist? Then you should think about a trip to Transnistria. Time seems to have stood still here. The Russian-majority region on the other side of the Dniester has declared itself independent. The “country” is not recognized internationally and is striving for a union with Russia. The “capital” Tiraspol, which is well worth seeing, is de jure the second largest in Moldova and should not be missed on any visit.

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