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144,5 Mio.


17.080.000 km²

Form of government

Federal Republic


Russian Ruble



Official languages



Russian Orthodox, Muslim

Country phone code


National Day

November 4 (People’s Unity Day), June 12 (Anniversary of the independence from the Soviet Union).

Russia – probably no other country triggers so many associations and emotions in people just by mentioning its name. The largest country on earth in terms of area arouses a feeling of fear in many and is perceived as a threat. But no matter how you stand on the great world politics, Russia is and remains a fascinating and diverse country with friendly people.

You can find old tsarist splendor in Russia thanks to the many palaces and colorful churches just as icons of Soviet Realism or Soviet Modernism, which there are in almost all major cities.

But also the Russian nature will inspire you. The country stretches over two continents and is accordingly diverse. Whether beach vacation at the Black Sea, camping in Karelia or hikes over snow-covered peaks in Siberia, everything is possible here.

And the culture has been fascinating ever since too. Russian literary figures such as Dostoevsky and Tolstoy have left their homeland a wonderful literary legacy. In the country’s metropolises, however, a modern, new culture is increasingly forming, breaking with old traditions and constantly reinventing itself.

Reasons enough to pay Russia a visit! Come with us on a trip to Russia and get here the best travel tips, descriptions of the most beautiful regions and browse through our background articles!

The most important tips for your trip

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The best travel destinations of Russia



By far the largest city in Europe, Moscow is one of the most dazzling metropolises in the world. Old tsarist splendor on Red Square meets communist monumental buildings and modern skyscrapers in Moscow City. The often hectic city with its fantastically beautiful metro offers enough sights to spend a whole month here and never get bored. On top of that, there is a creative artist scene that is always reinventing itself.


Saint Petersburg and Karelia

The former capital of the Tsarist Empire is by far the most beautiful and popular city in the country. In the former Leningrad is the Hermitage, one of the most important museums in the world. In the surrounding area you can explore old palaces with luxurious parks and fountains. And if you are looking for a change from the city, the region of Karelia north of the city offers you an untouched landscape, consisting of lakes and forests.


The Golden Ring and Northwest Russia

The region northeast of Moscow is called the Golden Ring, since the oldest cities of the country surround the capital like a ring. Here you can walk in the footsteps of the ancient Rus and experience the magic of ancient Russia in Yaroslavl or in the monastery of Sergiyev Posad. In Veliki Novgorod, once an important seat of the Hanseatic League, there is a kind of Russia in miniature in the northwest of the country at Lake Ilmen, and you can explore a real Kremlin on the Volchov River!


The Caucasus and Southern Russia

The Caucasus is avoided by many tourists due to security concerns. Cities like Makhachkala and Grozny don’t have a reputation for being particularly safe destinations. In fact, however, the ethnically diverse region is one of the most interesting in Russia and a very appealing destination, especially for hikers. The Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions offer a complete contrast. Here, temperatures often prevail that one associates more with Rimini than with Russia. And in Sochi, where the Olympic Games already took place, you can even do winter sports!


Along the Volga river

Where is the closest you can get to the Russian soul? Hard to say, but perhaps a trip on or along the Volga, the country’s most important river, would be ideal for that. Cities like Saratov, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod all have their own character. But Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is particularly beautiful. The Muslim-influenced city with its mosques and churches is one of the most exciting, because most diverse, travel destinations in Russia.


The Kaliningrad region

Many people associate the former German Königsberg with German philosopher Immanuel Kant and the castle. Today the city, which was heavily destroyed during World War II, forms the Kaliningrad Oblast together with the surrounding area. Petersburg is said to be the “westernmost” city in Russia, but Kaliningrad actually deserves this title due to its history. The region between the Curonian Lagoon and the Vistula Lagoon with its seaside beaches is also extremely attractive.


The Urals and Siberia

Once you’ve chugged through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway, you’ll never forget the journey. Slowly, the landscape changes from the mountainous Urals to endless forests and lakes. One of the most diverse natural landscapes on earth awaits explorers all year round, and you can make countless fascinating discoveries between the border of Europe, Lake Baikal and the Sea of Okhotsk.

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