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5,45 Mio.


49.000 km²

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Roman Catholic, Protestant, Greek Catholic

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Slovakia is a relatively young state and came into being only in 1993 after the dissolution of the union with the Czech Republic. However, the country has been settled since ancient times. And over time, different cultures have left their mark here. In Slovakia you will find Roman ruins, medieval Hungarian churches, but also magnificent buildings from Austro-Hungarian times. And in Bratislava, the up-and-coming capital at the Austrian border, many unusual building projects of socialist modernism were realized in the days of Czechoslovakia.

In addition to the rich cultural heritage of the landlocked country, which is roughly the size of Lower Saxony and a bit smaller than West Virginia in terms of area, it is above all nature that attracts many visitors to the country. About two-thirds of Slovakia is dominated by the western part of the Carpathian Mountains. So if you are interested in hiking and winter sports, you will find almost heavenly conditions here!

But also the west and south of the country, which are relatively flat, have their charm. Here you can roam through the wine-growing areas or walk in the footsteps of the Romans. Or you can take a relaxing cruise from Bratislava on the Danube, which will take you all the way to Hungary.

So there are plenty of reasons to visit Slovakia! On the following pages you will learn more about the country. We show you the most beautiful cities and regions and give you important tips for your visit to Slovakia. In addition, you can read many exciting background articles on wildeast.blog.

The most important tips for your trip

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The Slovak capital is just a stone’s throw awy from the Austrian border. The former Preßburg was the coronation site of the Hungarian kings and therefore has a number of magnificent buildings from times gone by. For a European capital, however, Bratislava is still very cozy. Across the Danube, a new part of the city was built during socialist times, offering an exciting architectural contrast to the medieval city center.


Western Slovakia

In ancient times, important trade routes passed through western Slovakia. Along the Danube floodplains are some of the most charming landscapes in the country. Whether at the Devín or further downstream in the border area with Hungary – here, above all, you can relax well and taste one of the excellent wines. Tours by cruise ship are popular. But a visit to Nitra is also worthwhile, the oldest city in Slovakia together with Bratislava.


Central and Northern Slovakia

The heart of Slovakia is characterized above all by its mountain landscape. On the border with Poland run the High Tatras mountains, which are ideal for hikers and winter sports enthusiasts. On the Slovak side, the Tatras are usually much less crowded than in Poland, so you often have the beautiful mountain landscape almost to yourself. Mining towns such as the UNESCO World Heritage Banská Štiavnica and the tiny village of Vlkolínec with its unique wooden houses offer those interested in culture enough variety from the landscape.


Eastern Slovakia

Košice with its listed city center and Prešov are the two most important centers of the quadrilateral bordering Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. The landscape promises an interesting mix of karst caves, high mountains and is interspersed with castles and the wooden Carpathian churches characteristic of the region. The region is one of the most charming in the country, but has yet to receive much attention from Western tourists.

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